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Departure Package

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Nick's Story

Shared by permission: Good News Jail And Prison Ministry

Serving Time Jail Ministry (STJM) is an all-volunteer, non-profit Christian Ministry that shares the love of Christ in county detention facilities and transition centers throughout the Augusta, GA region.


Team members lead Bible studies for men and women within their cell blocks, offer free Bibles for spiritual enrichment, and provide a comprehensive index of local resources that can help inmates and their families more successfully transition to life together on the outside. 

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A Blessed Volunteer Jail Visit

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When you are obedient in your service to the Lord Jesus, you may never know what He may have in store for you, and what a blessing you can be to others by just doing His Will.

One of our volunteers was speaking with the residents of a CSRA jail before preaching the message that God had given him. A resident shared what his likely sentence was going to be and our volunteer gave him words of encouragement, including ..... our God is a God of mercy, the sentence may be on the lower end of the guidelines, and good behavior also counts significantly.

The individual was uplifted from that line of discussion. When the conversation grew deeper our volunteer found out that he knew the mother and the grandmother of the resident and privately shared the experience with them later which was also uplifting.

God had blessings for multiple people that morning and all the volunteer had to do was be obedient to the Holy Spirit. When we preach God's Word and encourage men and women who are in a difficult place in life, we may never know how through us, God touches them.

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