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Where We Serve

Dozens of our men and women volunteers make visits each month within GA and SC County Jails along with select state and federal detention facilities. Our core focus within the venues below is upon the opportunity to lead evangelistic Bible studies and provide a personal Bible, upon request, to every resident that wants God's Word. We provide reading glasses to those in need, equip visitor lobbies with Christian Children's Books, and ensure that each Returning Citizen has access to our Departure Package index, which contains hundreds of area resources that can help them be more successful on the outside.


In-Pod Visits & Bibles Provided

Bibles-Only Provided


Augusta Transitional Center

South Carolina.png

Aiken County Jail

11 Detention Center Venues

Effingham County Jail

McDuffie County Jail

Washington County Jail

Toombs County Jail

Hancock County Jail

Columbia County Jail

Dismas Charities

Richmond County Jail

Lincoln County Jail


Celebrate Recovery

Bible Study



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