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Whenever we meet someone that has an interest in supporting Serving Time, we typically share 3 primary needs. Review this page and select one or more areas today to get involved in this ministry.

VISIT. Richmond County Jail has at least 15 men's cell blocks each week that cannot hear the Gospel due to volunteers not stepping up. This means 300+ souls every week that miss being fed God's Word from a man that loves the Lord!


When is the last time you shared the Gospel? We are not looking for Bible scholars, just men and women with the compassion to tell others about Jesus Christ with consistency and commitment, showing that you truly care. Commit today to serve one hour --- just twice a month sharing the Gospel, teaching a Sunday School lesson, or giving your testimony.

The process for visiting in a facility requires an orientation session and a personal background check. Once cleared, folks will often team up with another Serving Time volunteer for a couple of visits until they feel comfortable proceeding on their own. Classes typically take place within the cell area pod and are attended by 12-25 residents that are indeed hungry to hear the Word of God. 

PRAY. We seek Christ daily as the cornerstone of this ministry. Please pray for the souls of those men and women we serve, for more volunteers to join us - particularly in the Richmond County Jail, and for the leadership of this ministry.

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GIVE. The administration and operational costs of this organization are primarily supported by its board and volunteers. Our greatest monetary need is for Bibles and other items (glasses, training materials, etc.) given to the ones we serve. 93% of all donations received are used to provide these items with 7% going towards administration costs such as web hosting, postage, and printing. During a given year the ministry will place 1000+ Bibles into the hands of the men and women we meet in the jails we visit. Due to facility requirements, only certain Bibles are permitted. Please consider making a financial gift for directly purchasing Bibles or supporting other ministry needs and special programs.

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