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Discipleship In Christ


The path to a consistent, spirit-filled life in Christ is indeed a journey of knowledge, devotion, worship, obedience, commitment, and service. Within this section are video links to much deeper spiritual training, including the YouTube Channels for accessing all videos provided by Tony Evans, Beth Moore, Chip Ingram, Charles Stanley, and Lee Strobel. 

Reaching Your Full Potential For Christ (10 Min.)
Pray Great Prayers (29 Min.)
How To Identify Your Spiritual Gifts (39 Min.)
Documentary - The Case For Christ (71 Min.)
Sharing Your Faith - Apologetics (38 Min.)
YouTube Channel - All Charles Stanley Videos
YouTube Channel - All Chip Ingram Videos
YouTube Channel - All Lee Strobel Videos
YouTube Channel - All Tony Evans Videos
YouTube Channel - All Beth Moore Videos
YouTube Channel - All David Jeremiah Videos
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