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One Hour "ln-Pod" Lessons


Review, download, revise, or customize any of these ONE HOUR LESSONS as you feel led, and then use them while visiting with residents within any Jail facility.

The Way Of Salvation
Can I Have A "Do-Over"
Jesus - Rebel,  Tough  Guy
HIS Strength When Needed 
His Armor For Victory
Heavenly Timelines
His Love - Do's & Don'ts
Evidence Of Bible Truth
Prophecies Of The Savior
In Search Of Significance
Friendships & Relationships
What Are You Doing Here?
Can Salvation Be Lost?
How Specific Is Your Plan?
God's Plan For You
Master Of All Masters
Want God To Have Your 6?
Vivid Images Of Eternity
Islam Vs. Christianity
Spiritual Growth Steps
Iron Sharpens Iron
Seek God
Rewards In Heaven
God Keeps His Promises
Future Resolutions
He Is Our ABBA Father
You Have
Our Witness For  Christ
Plan Of Salvation
Fear - Friend Or Foe
Overview Of Holy Spirit
My Hour In Lincoln Co. Jail
Disconnected And Alone
The Way, Truth, & Life
Power Of
Disconnected And Alone
The Way, Truth, & Life
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